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(Please note, all previous content available at this domain is no longer available. The previous Phabricator is gone. R.I.P. though nothing of value is lost and gone forever.)

This site is where I'll be gathering my various software development/packaging/porting efforts, spurred on by no longer caring about some older projects, getting tired of sources all over the web, and wanting a place to host my own RPMs for OS/2 (since I use OBS for Linux and I like using the same, or very similar, .spec for all platforms).

Initially, I foresee the focus being on OS/2 and branching out into my usual collection of systems from there.

Why RPM over WarpIn? Consistency. I simply have no motivation to maintain multiple package formats across platforms, for the same projects (where possible to avoid, of course). Also, I don't want to handle multiple formats between projects on the same platform. So RPM wins. WarpIn is OS/2-specific, and there isn't much general sense I can see in mixing and matching RPM and WPI packaging myself.

Why not just use ZIPs? Repeatability. I want to make sure that when you install something, it works as it's supposed to. You shouldn't need to hunt down dependencies and hope that everything works the first time. You should be able to install and be instantly able to use the program.

Please file any bugs you find with my packages, especially the OS/2 packages. I only have one ArcaOS license, and no Support and Maintenance for Warp, so I very well cannot test rigorously within my licensing. I'll try to note where things have been tested in appropriate tasks and commits and documentation, though. (Also, donations of OS/2 and ArcaOS licensing welcome, I guess? :) )

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