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Still some rough edges to fix up, but hi!

For people who have known me a while, this site may seem eerily familiar yet different. For those who don't, this may feel like a very confusing place. Both sets are correct.

Geekbakery has been a project of mine for many many years now. I've never quite been quite sure what to do with it. But I've realized that I'm tired of just emanating things into the void and a previous idea I had (and, sadly, abandoned) of hosting myself a Phabricator instance was a good one.

With current events (those from the future, look up the history of early-to-mid 2020, and potentially beyond), I have more time than literally anything else. I was laid off during the first couple of days of May, so I've been able to reevaluate many things. One outcome was the affirmation that I still want to continue contributing to the software world as a whole, since it's something I've been doing in various ways since (the earliest I can find anyhow...) 1993 when I maintained a play-by-email game software.

From here on out, I expect this to be my clearinghouse for "stuff". Unfortunately, the previous "stuff" available at this domain is not very useful: either it's stagnant and I have no interest/reason/etc. to make it less so, it's long past its useful date, and/or it's simply been lost in my digital and physical moves over the years.

I want to spend more time active in open software and hardware again (realizing that there are closed aspects which might make both tick). So I will, ideally, flesh this site out with various projects over time.

One huge benefit is that collaboration should be easier, both for my own projects as well as contributions to upstream. Users of my output will have a reliable non-realtime public way to interact with me. And projects will have context for patches. Of course, I'll spend less time wrangling the same stuff over and over, which should improve my output again.

There's still some stuff left to do (like my email addresses still go to iamcode, so responses may be confusing for now), but there should be enough here now for me to start creating again. I'm looking forward to restarting this journey.

Written by lewellyn on Jun 8 2020, 7:41 AM.
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